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IE7Pro 2.4.4


‘ Do download, IE7Pro Tab Enhance AD Blocker, IE faster – Proxy Switcher Mouse Gesture’

Editor’s Comment/ IE7Pro is a accept to accept addon for Internet Explorer, which includes a lot of appearance and tweaks, to accomplish your IE friendlier, added useful, defended and customizable. IE7Pro includes Tabbed Browsing Management, Auto Fill Form Super Drag Drop, Crash Recovery, Proxy Switcher, Mouse Gesture, Tab History Browser IE faster, Inline Search, Grab-Drag, User Agent Switcher, Webpage Capturer, Greasemonkey like User Scripts platform, User Plug-ins , AD Blocker, MiniDM, Flash Block, Spell Check and abounding, added ability arranged features.

You can adapt not just Internet Explorer, but even your admired website according, to your charge and aftertaste application IE7Pro.

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IE7Pro 2.4.4 image, image for IE7Pro 244,

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Freeware – Freee

OS Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000.

Download Now (2.30MB)



Updated: December 28, 2008 — 5:09 pm

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