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Modern Warfare 2 DS

“Modern Warfare 2 on Nintendo DS”

Publisher Activision has announced that Modern Warfare 2 will also be out on the also popular Nintendo DS. Activision also announced that n-Space will be the developer for this game. CoD 5 raked in phenomenal reviews when it was released on the hand held device so it could be looking very bright for this one!

There will be a new title for the DS and will be holding a wide variety of weapons and vehicles through an original storyline and “narrative companion”. Also, Mobilized will have a very similar multi-player online mode (up to 6 players) when you connect your DS to the internet, or, if not multi-player then a brand new game mode called Survival mode where you have to defend yourself against waves of enemies coming at you (quite possibly similar to that of ‘Nazi Zombies’). There is also another game mode in the game called Arcade mode which is simply single player missions with a time limit and a running timer. Wow

Glenn Morshower is a confirmed star in the show, as an unknown character at this time, in the game. He is most famous for his role in 24 as the Secret Service agent ‘Aaron Pierce’. He’s also starred in massive box office films such as Transformers, Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down. This game is really turning out to be something more than huge! Nevertheless, it sounds like this portable game has some serious potential to make it huge, courtesy of its PS3 and XBox! I think that what ever platform this game is released on it will be sick. I think if they brought the COD series on to Mega Drive it would still be ace. It is believed that this game will be released on the same date as its big companion.10th November 2009.

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