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Blizzcon Face of World of Warcraft

‘Blizzcon Loot Cards Are Changing the Face of World of Warcraft – Spectral Tiger Loot Card Leading the Pack’

Since the creation of World of Warcraft in 2004, Blizzcon –Blizzard has enjoyed a great deal of success among gamers worldwide. By August of 2005, the game expanded to the Trading Card Industry with Upper Deck Entertainment announcing The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game based on the MMORPG. Fans were ecstatic in its release on October of 2006.

A number of card types are featured in the game: Hero, Ability, Armor, Weapon, Quest, Ally, and Location. But one of the most sought after are the WoW Loot Cards. These cards are special versions of rare cards which can be used within the trading card game, but which also have a scratch-off code for exclusive cosmetic upgrades for World of Warcraft MMO characters. This feature sparked interest in the trading card game and made it desirable even for non-players. Online gamers who have never played collectible card games in their life are now buying packs, even boxes of these cards.

These unique treasure cards can be obtained from booster packs, starter decks, raid decks and some are also given out at special events like BlizzCon. Blizzcon is a yearly convention that the designers of World of Warcraft hold where some of the most highly sought after Loot Cards are given to attendees each year.

These loot cards are divided into three categories. First are the common cards, which are now usually consumable items. Then there are the Rare and Very Rare cards. Each booster set release has a unique set of loot cards, and there have been a couple that stood out.

  • The Thunderhead Hippogryph Loot Card

The Thunderhead Hippogryph, a legendary Ally card, rewards players with a non-combat Hippogryph pet. This baby hippogrpyh companion will follow you around keeping you company during adventures and quests.

  • The Snapjaw Card

This rare turtle ally gives a scratch-off code that grants players an in-game turtle mount. Although the turtle mount only moves at regular running speed, it is usable by a player of any level.

  • Gone Fishin’ Card

Loot cards do not only give pet’s in-game. This type of loot card creates a comfortable chair and umbrella for your online character, allowing you to fish while sitting in the chair.

  • The Spectral Tiger Loot Card

This could perhaps be one of the most excellent loot cards created. When you redeem the code online, you can purchase either the level 40 mount or the epic level 60 mount and you are able to come back and repurchase the other mount at a later time. But unlike other loot cards, this loot item requires you to spend gold to acquire it.

To use these loot cards, one just has to scratch away the protective layer concealing the code. A 25 digit promotion code is then revealed, which can be entered into the Blizzard official promotions page. This webpage will also allow you to select the region and realm for the character that will obtain the loot. After successfully submitting all the information, an in-game code will then be provided. This code is necessary in claiming the loot from Landro Longshot in Booty Bay.

Players have different reasons for acquiring loot cards. Someone may want a pet monkey; another might desire a simple shirt that attracts attention; or a disco ball that makes players near it dance and plays music. What’s certain is that the creation of these Loot Cards has made possible the cross over between online and card game players and its success assures that more World of Warcraft Loot Cards will be made available in future expansions.

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