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WoW Fishing is Extravagant Profession

Fishing is one of the WoW’s secondary professions, together with cooking and first aid, which is considered as one of the most difficult to level up. It was no t until Burning Crusade expansion that fishing was even considered as useful. With the new cooking recipes that had a major impact on the improvement of your character in a raid, fishing has become a very useful and valued profession. Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2008 brought us also expansion in fishing. There are many new achievements when it comes to fishing and cooking, fun daily quests and plenty of new recipes which all contributed in making cooking and fishing more popular. Click here for more on fishing: WoW Fishing

With successful completion of fishing achievements you are able to get a special fisherman’s title “Salty”, and the fun part is, there are not many players who have it. For this title one has to complete a series of fishing achievements, such as The Coin Master and Angler of Stranglethorn, which demands completing various fishing assignments and winning fishing contest held on Sundays in Booty Bay. You will also need to win on a Sunday’s Booty Bay fishing contest for the Master Angler of Stranglethorn achievement, do all of the five fishing daily quests found in Dalaran for the Chasing Marcia achievement, fish from different types of fish schools in Outland and Northrend, etc.

As you can see, fishing is very useful, and it can be quite profitable too. If you decide to level up fishing you don’t need to level up cooking as well, however, these two professions are a perfect match so an advice would be to level them both together.

How can I make money with fishing?

Well, the answer is simple – fish! There are many zones with very lucrative fish schools where you can fish. Only by selling your raw catch on the AH you may profit considerably. However, if you have cooking leveled up than the best thing would be to make food. There are many recipes for food that give stamina, spirit, spell power, attack power, agility, strength, haste, hit and crit buffs.

There is a special food for hunters’ pets and for the whole raid – Fish Feast. The Fish Feast is made from three different types of fish and Northern Spices, which can be obtained by completing Dalaran cooking daily quests. The Fish Feast is useful because anyone in your group/raid can eat it and receive 80 attack power, 46 spell power and 40 stamina bonus on stats for 1 hour. Click here for more on professions: WoW Professions

Fishing is a useful and nice profession to level up and when combined with cooking it can greatly boost anyone. However, anybody who ever tried or leveled fishing can tell you that leveling of this wonderful profession goes slower than with any other.

When it comes to fishing equipment, you need to have a fishing pool and lures which are used to increase your skill, and of course, a good fishing spot. Other than that, as in real life so in WoW, you will need a lot of patience. The process of fishing goes slow since you need to wait a few seconds for a fish to bite.

If you think it is going way too slow, don’t give up yet. Be patient until you leveled up your fishing up to certain skill level where you can start doing daily fishing quests. Your leveling will be much easier and more rewarding from that point on. For a comprehensive guide on all aspects of WoW check out the WoW Ultimate Guide

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