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Google is watching you


‘Google has announced a new service, where you and your phone to your friends via the news and is marked on the map.’

People who use the service, you can easily communicate.

Do you just Google to Watch?

These services, many people leave the question mark in mind. At the moment where a person’s knowledge, by knowing that unwanted people or sharing this information with others about collusion in doubt, Google is finding that end with.

Google Latitude, announced this news today that Google’s new service in Google Latitude, Google Maps allows you to share your position is over. Nokia Symbian operating system, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile operating system, such as smart phones take advantage of the capabilities of the device through the service, your friends can see where you are at that moment, where the recipe does not include his wife can do to help. iPhone and some Sony Ericsson models, can be used to make these services work is continuing on.

Privacy on options, users are left.who will see this information when the user’s own set, this data is stored on Google’s servers, regardless of whatever condition shared with others on is promised.

Who can use?

The service announced today, we are now able to use in 26 countries including America.

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