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Notation Playback 2.2

Editor’s Comment/ This software windows program planned or created in an artistic or skilled manner to file and play back your notation of, bass and a hollow metallic vessel parts. The software is based on the graphic Djembe font but also to praise you to write as spring as print user delineated ASCII character notation.

Simple Notation – lotus notes are inserted on the note line by -click and drop- or keyboard input, you can enter the name of the, the implement used, what part and version it is its beginning and any extra to mark anew.

image for Notation Playback 2.2

Simple Playback – you can alone play back one process of marking something systematically line at a time but several lines can be played  adin a consecutive manner and then be repeated. The notation line is played back adby way of the use of short to match of each notated audio or sound music, which are put adcooperatively and repeated continuously.Free do download Notation Playback…


OS Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

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