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Minecraft 1.1.2 Alpha

Minecraft 1.1.2 Alpha Download – ‘sandbox game of creativity and survival’

Minecraft is a creative sandbox game, in which you can create huge structures and caves to play in. It’s a deceptively simple game of building and survival.

Your world in Minecraft is randomly generated, and you appear in a land surrounded by water, with mountains, valleys, trees and animals. It’s not clear what to do except explore to begin with, but as the sun sets monsters appear, who will kill you. Survival is impossible in the open, so you need to build a shelter to hide out in for the first night.

Collecting wood from trees, coal and stone from cliffs, you have to use your inventory to create tools, planks and more. Once you know how, mining and building is pretty quick, and you can create some really cool structures.

There’s very little sound in this Alpha release, and if you don’t like blocky 8-bit style graphics, Minecraft is not the game for you. However, if you enjoy building things, and experimentation, Minecraft could become completely addictive. There is an excellent community of Minecraft users information, and a multiplayer sport has even been created!

Minecraft is a wonderfully inventive sandbox game that really deserves the title, as your creation in it is only limited by your imagination and time!

The game client can be downloaded, but players need to purchase the game at to play.

OS: Win98SE, XP, 2003, Vista Windows 7

Minecraft Download for Windows

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